Top “Easy to use” Design Trends of 2017

green trends

Top Easy to use Design Trends of 2017.

Green is a big front runner for 2017 and was names by numerous design outlets as color of the year.
While green is very popular right now it leads into the botanical, plan and terrarium trend.
This is a very easy trend to incorporate into your decor without major overhauls.
Green accents are refreshing and sophisticated. While adding plants that complement the decor

can make the room feel earthy and fresh. Image via (The Pink Doormat)

green trends


Marble wallpaper, marble accents, Faux marble this style came in like gangbusters this past year and wins the award for mixing things up.
Want an easy solution grab some marble contact paper and cover a table or an accent wall. Easy peasy marble squeegee.

Marble trend 2017

marble accent trends Image

Marble Trends 2017 (via contemporist)


Hygge pronounced (hoo-ga). Google translate and I pronounce it (Hi gee). Very glad that I discovered this before I made a fool of myself.
Hygee is very popular for minimalism and living simple. There is a strong trend to less clutter, less knickknacks ( bane of my existence) and a reduction of materialism. This trend is one of my favorites, I firmly believe less is more. More of less. He he. (Image)

hygee bedroom


Copper has come on trend in small doses and its really such a beautiful and class accent to ANY decor. Its great in modern styles, farmhouse and all in between. (via My Life From Home)

copper trend

Wood Tiles we can jointly thank Johanna Gaines for this trend it’s almost the step child to really hardwood floor designs. It’s obviously not hardwood, but used right its class, clean, modern and functional. That’s a win, win.


wood tile trend
Navy IS the new Black, and personally I am loving it. Navy is class, clean, rich and add a visual interest different than black. Black was more of a visual contrast. I plan on using this color in many ways to enhance a rooms design.

Navy trend navy trend accesories

(Images 1) (Image 2)


Acrylic is the shocker of 2017, I didn’t see this coming. Acrylic had always been used sparsely in design, specifically with the acrylic arm chair. Recently it has moved on to bar carts, nightstands, sofa tables and coffee tables. It’s fun and when used it can allow as space to appear larger but still functional.

acrylic trend


This rounds up the biggest trends of 2017. To finalize the list here are some runner ups.


Bohemian, this trend was big last year but is still holding on for 2017 and most likely a few more years.
Retro lighting, I think this trend will grow and be bigger next year as it incorporates a new creative side to how we light our homes.
Velvet, this trend is hard to use and even harder to feel up to date, but its happening and very well I might add.
Lastly and most unique… Butterflies. Yep Butterflies. Enough said.


butterfly trend